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World-class products

Datalogic Solutions offers two world-class products, Harmony and Remando. Advanced, fast, highly configurable and scalable, both products embody the way we see enterprise web applications in the future. We think that one day all web applications will work this well. Click on the logo to learn more…


Over the past 5 years Datalogic has built and refined an environment for building rich internet applications that contains over 80,000 lines of re-usable code. This library, which we call hiJump, enables web applications to be built in a fraction of the time previously considered agile

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Financial services

When we’re not developing products or writing web applications faster than most people believe is possible, we undertake direct consulting work in financial services, leveraging the many years experience we have in this sector, it’s where we came from Learn More

Why choose us?

  • We’re 100% focused on delivery. We understand that bespoke technology is expensive and we do everything we can to minimise the cost of delivering the right solution for your needs
  • The partners have worked on enterprise web applications for the past 15 years. As the technology has evolved, we’ve evolved with it, staying on the practical edge for stable delivery, it’s what we do
  • Our background in financial services means we apply enterprise level design considerations even for the smallest application. We began by building global applications for banks, we know all about scalability, security and WAN-friendliness
  • It’s easy to build to specification; it’s far harder to plan for how those requirements will change over time. This is the way we think. The solution has to last without you needing us to hold your hand and continually push changes through. We build with deep configuration and user level customisations that leave you with a solution that will flex as your needs evolve
  • This is also the core principle that dictates the way our products are built. We build for scale, flexibility, deep configuration, speed and rich user experience, check our applications out!

What our customers say

Datalogic are a pleasure to work with. In an engagement spanning more then four years we have always found them responsive fast and flexible. The technology they deliver just works. It runs our practice on a global basis, we could not operate without them.
Rachel Short, Director, YSC Ltd
We have used Datalogic for many years both to build us applications and also provide technology program consulting. The fact that they are always willing to take on delivery risk, deal with our changes of direction and still deliver makes them an ideal vendor.
Wim de Bruyn, CIO, Standard Bank of S.A.
As a launch customer for Harmony, a Datalogic product I can only express my delight with the responsiveness and proactive support I have received. Harmony runs my entire business, we have trebled our volumes without increasing headcount, and that’s down to the way product supports scale.
Martin Perry, Managing Director, K3 Managed Services