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Welcome to Datalogic Solutions

We created Datalogic Solutions in 2007 to produce rich and sophisticated web products. We didn’t take in any investment or seek funding. Instead we took the hard road of earning our keep while simultaneously producing the surplus funding required to build world-class products. We earn our keep in the financial services sector, the place we came from, but we started at a point in time when the world’s financial services sector was at its most vulnerable since the 1930’s. This was not only challenging, it kept us grounded and sensitive to the high bar required to make money out of bespoke development. From a small beginning, we have built a profitable business, a solid core development team and, we believe, two outstanding products that can hold their own alongside the best in the world.

Who are we?

The owners worked together in investment banking technology many years ago. After drifting apart, we came together to form Datalogic in 2007. We all share a passion for innovation and building working solutions, fast.
Our philosophy is that quality is not ensured by process but by expertise and attention to detail. Developers are generally not great finishers, we make sure we finish everything. We give careful thought to supportability, performance, release management and deployment, test driven development and post-build configurability.
We place responsibility at the heart of each engagement and do our best to share the risks with the customer. We know you are only as good as your last (or worst) project. We will always strive to do as much work as we can on a fixed price basis, even if that means delivering in phases. Budget control is key to being asked back.
There is not one model but many, each customer has their own context, requirements and concerns. We do not impose delivery models, we work with the customer to ensure the needs of both parties are served and, most importantly, the resulting solution meets the goals of the project and the expectations of the users.

Our skills

Finance 90%
C# 95%
Cloud computing 85%
Data modelling 75%

Meet the team

Steve Duckworth
Steve Duckworthco-founder
Steve D has over 35 years project and corporate management experience spanning the oil industry, banking and technology. In the 20+ years he has spent in financial services, he has managed the development of global applications in eCommerce, risk, human resources, finance and technology

Steve acts as Datalogic’s CEO

Steve Powell
Steve Powellco-founder
Steve P is a passionate development manager with over 15 years experience in building applications to support a wide range of industries and solve an expanse of problems. He is the technical mastermind behind our products and hiJump

Steve acts as our CTO

Chris Atkinson
Chris AtkinsonPartner
Chris has over 20 years investment banking development experience having lead teams in five different organisations. He is used to dealing with the problems of building supportable, practical fast global applications and still writes production code

Chris acts as an executive consultant and project manager