Working solutions, not powerpoint

There are many firms delivering technology consulting to the financial services sector, so what makes us different? Well, when we set up Datalogic the goal was to help banks deliver working solutions not just by creating a flexible resourcing model, but one that takes full delivery responsibility. We do not deliver slide-ware; we deliver working global solutions, correctly architected and live. We also do source code delivery and technology transfer. We will build the application and vest the IP with the client or we will provide ongoing support services if asked. We even host applications for banks, cheaper than they can do internally

If you need an application building and are unable to resource it internally, call us and we will help

Why us?

Our partners and associates have built global applications for banks for over 20 years. We know how banks work and how hard it is to get new applications into production. We understand which hurdles to jump and we are good at jumping.
Being a niche supplier, we are able to operate in a flexible and responsive manner to each new request. Whether you just need your team supplementing, an application built, or some specialist strategic advice or project management, we have the right people with relevant experience to hand, waiting for your call.
We do not act as agents or body-shop. For us to get involved, we need to understand what we are responsible for. You buy the owner’s personal commitment to that responsibility, our reputation is on the line each and every time. We won’t let you down

Risk system integration

We have specialist knowledge of risk systems and in particular the interfaces between static and trading systems and the risk world. Whether the problem is credit risk, market risk or liquidity, we have the right experience to help you move forward

Bespoke development

We have a track-record of delivery of global applications in the technology infrastructure space, regulatory reporting, client reporting and client data. Although these applications are now owned by the banks that commissioned them, the knowledge we gained building them can help you solve similar problems quickly and cheaply

End-user computing

Controlling the proliferation of poorly documented, unsupported and often un-backed up businesses critical EUC’s is a never ending challenge. The balance between tighter regulation and tighter budgets makes this area a serious problem. Our approach to building rich web applications faster and cheaper means that this problem can finally be tackled

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Fast bespoke solutions without spending a fortune

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