A different way

hiJump is the foundation of the way we write web applications. It has an MVC architecture and a pattern of re-usable code that enables you to produce finished production applications faster than was hitherto possible. Over the 5 years it has taken to put hiJump together our focus has been on two things (1) speed of user experience and (2) speed of development

You start a hiJump project with over 80,000 lines of proven re-usable code. The architecture is set, the tools are all there, what is needed is the business problem to solve. In addition, hiJump contains a rich and powerful reporting area. No need to buy expensive report add-ins, all you need to build your own dashboards and pivot the data is there on day one as a core component of the project. We even have a mobile pattern for smartphones

The technical stuff

Rich grid objects
hiJump contains rich and powerful grid objects with column sort, top-line filter and customisable plain-English query builder. Grid queries can be saved as public or private drop-downs meaning finding that complex data selection again is simple. Results can be pivoted on-line and/or added to dashboards and graphs, no need to use spreadsheets for data analysis.
hiJump incorporates a service bus architecture that enables data update sequences to be managed asynchronously. That may not mean much to you until you find yourself with a browser that hangs because so much data is being handled in the background. With hiJump, the user interface performance is unaffected no matter how much data you’ve written or requested.
hiJump’s security model can deal with function and data level security, revalidating requests in the domain model to prevent data hacking. If you want the ultimate in access security, two-factor authentication can be included just by setting a flag. All activity is audit logged and viewable. We’ve sold hiJump-based applications to penetration testing companies, that’s how secure it is

Rapid build

Give us your problem and we will have a working application for you to test and refine within a week or two. Our agile methodology means we work with you to define the right data model and structure the user interface to empower your employees. Use hiJump and we can eliminate poorly supported end-user applications faster and cheaper than you can imagine


Although the application still requires coding, the configurability of hiJump means you can add your own custom fields, customise email services, design reports and dashboards yourself. We do the core application build, you make it your own. User interfaces are easily branded, making the finished product suit your corporate standards perfectly

Delivery model

If you retain us to build the application, we grant you an unlimited (but non-transferable) user license to hiJump as an integral part of the cost of the build. The IP in the final solution is yours, the IP in hiJump remains ours. We will even host it for a modest monthly fee so your total cost of ownership is defined on day one. If you wish to use hiJump to accelerate your internal team’s delivery, we will sell you an unlimited but not for resale enterprise license, call us for a quote…

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